Sunday, 30 October 2011

Photos: Half-way

31st October
Photos: Half-way

Today marks the beginning of TaD's venture into 'week 8' and thereby the passing of the 'half-way stage'. Who knows what adventures lie ahead, it's been a great seven weeks so far.

The ‘archway’ upon entering this running Mecca.

Dougie perusing the central market with discerning eyes.

The Iten Market, Saturday.

 A bewildered mzungo and his furniture. From week two when, amazingly, the two large wooden beds, and two tables that we had purchased in the town centre were strapped onto the back of a tiny motorbike before being carted up the hill to our humble abode one mile away.

Gideon (my training partner; wrapped up, keeping warm) and I (enjoying the baking heat) one Saturday afternoon in Iten.

The Cyclists. Me with the Kenyan cycling team whose training sessions my group joins a few times a week.  

The view from the escarpment edge overlooking the Kerio Valley at 6am. A misty day.

The view from our ‘apartment’ overlooking Iten. A cloudy day.
The view from the corridor of our ‘apartment’ overlooking Dougie’s rear. A muddy day.  

Cattle grazing on the in-field of Karmariny track.

A strange mzungo: an object of fascination for the many local kids who come to watch (and occasionally partake in) our training sessions. Photograph courtesy of Brian, aged 10.
One of the many Primary schools in the town built to cater for the enormous young population.

You can’t get the camera out in Iten without a group of kids gathering round in excitement and asking for their photos!

Myles’ Birthday meal at Kerio view.

TaD, two highly cultured individuals sipping Kenyan tea at Kerio view.


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